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Why Are Japanese Knives So Good?

There is no doubt that Japanese technology is topnotch. It does not matter what kind of industry it is in but its products have the best features and quality.

This makes it not surprising why are Japanese knives are so good. They are built to superb perfection to ensure that your cutting tasks will be as smooth the way they should be.

As a result, you’ll have better outputs on the ingredients or materials that you are slicing up. It will pave way for better satisfaction with what you are doing particularly in cooking.

In this article, let us discuss why are Japanese knives so good? This will give you an idea of the main reason why you should buy it. In the case, that you need brief yet complete info about Japanese knives.

As we all know, knives must be sharp to be efficient but it is not only that, it must be durable as well. There are other factors to be aware of to know what composes a good knife. You must know them to help you decide if Japanese knives are the ones perfect for your needs. Keep in mind that the factors will allow you to know what you are about to get if you will buy a Japanese knife.

The Characteristics of Japanese Knives

We now have given some insight into the usual characteristics of Japanese knives. Moreover, it is great if we will discuss more of its characteristics to give you an idea of why it is perfect to buy.

1. Lightweight

Japanese knives are usually made of carbon-refined steel with stainless properties. This makes it very light which allows you to hold and carry it with the utmost ease. It will make your tasks significantly easier to carry out.

2. Very sturdy

Since Japanese knives are made with stainless steel and carbon; expect that the quality is superb. It can last longer compared to its counterparts. 

3. Fantastic design

When it comes to the design, Japanese knives are magnificent. They have a nice, slim, and compact shape that is surely desirable to see. It is combined with an elegant handle that increases its wow factor.

4. Ergonomic handle

The usual Japanese knives do have handles that are shaped to ensure that utmost grip will be achieved. As a result, you’ll be able to use the knife comfortably and safely. This is because you’ll not strain your hands even if you use the knife for extended periods.

5. Easy to clean

The shape of the blade is comprised of a smooth surface to ensure that food residues will not stick on it. As a result, cleaning will be much easier by just using the usual dishwashing liquids.

6. Engraved surface

Some of the more premium Japanese knives do have engraved markings on their surface. This ensures that the meat that you are slicing will not get damaged thus will not lower the quality of the meat.

7. Affordable price

Believe it or not, Japanese knives do have affordable pricing. It is because it uses raw materials that are abundantly available in Japan thus lowering its costs. As a result, you’ll get a quality knife set without worrying about the budget.

8. Long-lasting sharpness

Worry no more of frequent re-sharpening with Japanese knives. They are known to retain sharpness for extended periods saving you a lot of time and effort in sharpening the tool.

9. Made by the best blacksmiths

It is known the Japanese do have the best blacksmiths. In the past, they have world-class swordsmen called Samurais. Among them were blacksmiths that are crafting their weapons to perfection. This is why, throughout the years, the Japanese have built the reputation of having the best blade makers.

10. Precision

The amazing precision that Japanese knives have can be traced to the right thickness that they have. They have thin blades yet very hard and solid in form. This makes them work precisely without compromising the durability of the knives.

11. Safe to use

Since the handle is usually non-slip and the blade has a great grasp on the material that it will about to slice, safety is not a concern. This will make you use the knife with peace of mind that you will not get hurt or something while doing your cooking tasks.

Where you can buy a Japanese knife?

Buying a Japanese knife is pretty easy. There are lots of Japanese knives available in the market both offline and online. However, you should be aware that there are fake versions of this kind circulating; you must stay away from them.

The best thing that you can do is to buy from trusted stores or websites. Having said so, we have the best recommendations of where and what to buy. One of our most popular articles is the best Japanese chef knife set. It helped more than dozens of people worldwide in finding the right Japanese knife for them. You can check them out too for your reference. It is accessible for everyone, and the good thing? It is completely FREE.


When it comes to knives, there is no doubt that Japanese knives are the best to consider if you plan to buy a knife. They give the best value for your money because of the utmost quality that you will experience from using it. It is safe to say that Japanese knives are very responsive to their functions. This is a good idea if you want to have a long-term knife that you can use. So it is amazing to know that these knives will help you with your cooking tasks with added style.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

We are aware that fresh juices are natural and more advisable to drink than the processed ones. They are healthier and contain natural sweeteners which will not impose anything bad to our health. But the problem is they do not contain any preservatives. It makes their shelf life super short compared to the processed ones.

But the actual shelf life of fresh juices depends on various factors. They determine how long does fresh juice last and will ensure that they are still fresh when you consume it.

Why it is important to know the shelf life of fresh juices?

It is important in a way that you will prevent problems from arising. This is because juices that are expired can cause serious problems. It can make our stomach ill and will make us feel sick. This is why we must consume our fresh juices within the timeframe wherein they are still considered fresh.

What are the determinants of a fresh juice shelf life?

Well, as we have discussed a while ago there are varying factors that make up the shelf life of fresh juice. We will discuss it more in detail in this part of the article.

  • Kind of juicer. Different juicers inflict varying shelf life on the fruits and vegetables that it is processing. A masticating juicer extracts the juice differently from twin-blade juicers. This can be considered as a small detail but means much when it comes to the juice’s shelf life.
  • Way of storing. The way on how you store fresh juice after making is one of the primary factors on how long they will last. If it is summer then you just leave the juice in the table with no proper cooling then most probably it will not last that long. This is because high temperatures can take away the freshness quickly. Mostly, fresh juices if we will not consume it immediately must be placed in the fridge. This will lengthen the shelf life of the juice from 1 to 2 days.
  • Exposure to external factors. Any exposure to external factors such as saliva can make the freshness of the juice to deteriorate. This is because the acid from the saliva can destroy the original state of the juice.

Why the kind of juicers is a primary factor in the freshness of juices?

Various juicers have their way of extracting juices. This is why the juices vary in shelf life. The others might be completely juiced out while the others might still possess big bits of the raw ingredient.

The following juicers will impose the corresponding shelf life on juices:

  • Centrifugal juicer – if you are using this kind of juicer, usually the juice will have a shelf life of 1 day. Since it uses centrifugal force to extract juices from fruits and vegetables, it makes them super liquefied. As a result, the ability to retain freshness will be reduced significantly.
  • Masticating cold press juicers – they are the more popular juicers nowadays. This is because they just use the right force to juice out fruits and vegetables. As a result, the components of the juices that are responsible for keeping it fresh will remain.
  • Twin gear juicers – this type of juicer has been known to retain the freshness of juicers longer. It uses twin churners to extract juices efficiently. These dual gears will ensure that they will just juice out just the right amount of juice to reach the best moisture. In this way, the juice extracted will last for 4 to 5 days.

Ways to make your juices last longer

It is given that fresh juices tend to deteriorate in a shorter period compared to the ready ones that we are buying from the grocery stores. This is because freshly made juices do not contain preservatives. So we expect that we must consume it immediately.

But if the juice that you have made is more than enough for you then you can do some strategies to lengthen its shelf life. In this part of this article, let us try to discuss more of them below.

  • Seal them in a tight container then put them in a cool place. Extended exposure to heat can break down its freshness quickly. So it is a great idea to put them on a fridge or a freezer while they are stored in a tight container. This will prevent unwanted moisture from coming inside the juice causing it to rot.
  • Use a serving spoon or pitcher when storing the juice. You do not want your saliva to intrude on the inner parts of the container. This is because saliva contains a lot of acids that can take away the freshness of the juices quicker than usual.

So if you know that you will not be able to finish up drinking all the juices in the catch container, always transfer it to a smaller container. In this way, you will only contaminate the once that you will be able to consume and not the whole amount of juices.

  • Freezing and pasteurization. If you are looking to extend the shelf life of those juices significantly then the only way to go is to put it in the freezer or pasteurize it. Since most of us have access to freezers then it is the best way to go. You must put the freshly made juice in a freezer-friendly container then store it there for a maximum of 5 to 6 months. This is because bacteria will never grow in extremely cold places. This is why we must store it in a freezer if we think that we are not able to consume the whole amount. This is perfect if you want to make fresh juices in bulk as you can save a lot of time by just storing it in the freezer rather than making juices frequently.


Now you know how long does fresh juice lasts, you’ll never worry anymore. You can make fresh juices with ease without thinking if it is still worthy of drinking or not. By knowing about them you can drink those juices and experience its benefits more. By getting the full potential of those juices rest assured that you will have optimum health which will give you long-term benefits.

5 Best Cold Press Juicers from Our Reviews

As we all know juice extraction is getting popular nowadays. This is because people are becoming health conscious. So electric juicers became popular but its efficiency became a big concern to the meticulous health junkie. So cold press juicers have solved this problem. They are more efficient than the usual electric juicers out there. So in this article, we will discuss the best cold press juicers in the market right now.

Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicers on The Market

1. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Slow juicing is next to healthy living. This slow juicer has a dual action that extracts juices from fruits and vegetables slowly but surely. As a result, you’ll get the more juice making you have a sufficient supply of juice throughout the day. You can do it without the need to put too much effort into extracting the juice as everything becomes automated.

Key Features + Pros

  • It does not consume that much electricity as it only has a power rating of 150 watts
  • Its chrome coating and specialized design will make your kitchen more awesome to look at
  • It has a 15-year warranty on parts making you secured from any possible issues in the future
  • The 5-setting option will allow you to choose the right speed for every fruits and veggie that you will juice out
  • The 2-hp motor with 80 RPM s quiet and super-efficient making the process of juicing much easier
  • The feeder has a decent radius meaning you can easily fit the fruits and veggies inside the juicer without any hassles


  • A little bit noisy

2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer with Quiet Motor

If you are aiming for a nice slow juicer that has high-quality features then Aicok is an excellent choice. It will give you the best premium juicing experience that other products could not. The reliable motor and churners will power you up in making healthy fruits and veggies every time you want it.

Key Features + Pros:

  • It has a safety lock feature that will give you peace of mind that no accidents will happen while using it
  • The quiet motor that it has is super efficient and perfect to use all day. It can run on 60 decibels without compromising performance.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes making it truly a value for your money
  • The 2-year warranty that it has will keep you protected in case there are issues with the item
  • It gives longer shelf-life on the juices that it is making
  • It is easy to use because it does not have any complex mechanisms


  • It is a little bit hard to dismantle when cleaning

3. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

If you want to lose weight faster then a cold press juicer from Tribest can be a great option. It is built to perfection with several features that you can enjoy from. It has a fantastic design that will make you use it with comfort and confidence. You will surely never go wrong with this wonderful cold press juicer.

Key Features + Pros:

  • It has a 1-year warranty that will protect you as a buyer in case there are issues with the item
  • The reverse function that it has will avoid jamming while you are extracting juice
  • The twin gears that it has will accommodate harder veggies and fruits so that you can extract their juices well
  • Its stainless-steel gears will make the juicer itself to last for a long time as it will not rust


  • It is heavy and bulky

4. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Being simple yet functional are the primary traits of this slow juicer. It is crafted to perfection to be considered as one of the best cold press juicers right now. It can perform accordingly to help you out in making healthy juices for you and your family.

Key Features + Pros:

  • It is compact and will not consume much space
  • You can easily clean it because it has no hard to reach areas
  • It has a safety feature that will prevent the juicer from overheating
  • This juicer can be easily assembled because it does not have any hard to understand components
  • It is made of a hard plastic that makes it super durable and stable


  • A little bit difficult to assemble

5. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S 

The black sleek look combined with a reliable motor that you can trust. This slow juicer will give you the cravings of healthy fruit and vegetable juices in no time. With the combination of efficiency and comfort, you can create those juices with ultimate satisfaction.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Its motor is powerful and at the same time efficient. It only consumes 240 watts in 60 RPM.
  • It can be used for various purposes such as creating juices, baby food, etc.
  • The outer casing of this cold press juicer has a promising design making it a great addition to your kitchen
  • It has a wide feeder of about 3 inches which will allow you to put the fruits and veggies easily


  • It is difficult to clean

How do you pick a cold press juicer?

To find the best cold press juicer for you, you have to consider several factors. Those factors will help you out in determining if the cold press juicer is right for you.

  • Durability. Know if the materials are durable enough to last long. This will allow you to have more time in using the cold press juicer giving you the best value for your money.
  • User-Friendly. The juicer must be easy to operate so that you can save time and effort in making juices.
  • Quiet Motor. Some of us are quite annoyed by a noisy environment. This is why if you are one of them, consider juicers that have low decibels. In this manner, they will not create that much noise while you are using it.
  • Affordability. Know if your budget is enough for you to buy the particular cold press juicer that you wish. In this manner, you will be able to buy one without compromising your budget.
  • Design. If you want a good-looking juicer then you must be particular with the design. Always check the design if it will fit your taste and preference.
  • Power consumption. It is important to know if the cold press juicer does not consume that much power. As a result, you can save a lot of money from your electricity bills.
  • Size. If you have limited space in your kitchen might as well find a slow juicer that will not eat up too much space.
  • Easy to clean. Juicers are tools that we use in making liquids that we consume inside our bodies. It is only fair that they will be hygienic at all times. This will prevent unwanted scenarios from happening such as diarrhea and food poisoning.
  • Efficiency. The motor of the slow juicer must be highly-efficient. This is because we do not want to compromise the time and effort that we need in making juices.
  • Warranty. The cold press juicer that we will buy must have a warranty. It will keep you protected in case you found some defects on the item.
  • Features. Check if the features are complete and enough to give you the comfort that you need in making juices

Why should you buy a cold press juicer?

Since cold press juicers can extract more juice as possible, you’ll get the optimum benefits of the fruits and vegetables that you are juicing. As a result, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will lose weight easily to help you reach your fitness goals
  • Your overall body resistance will get stronger
  • It will help your skin and hair to become way better than it was before
  • Your overall health will significantly be in its tiptop condition
  • You will have a significant amount of increase in energy


Since we have finished discussing the different cold press juicers on the list, we have concluded the best cold press juicer among them. It is the Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center. This is because of the modern features that it has, at the same time its ability to provide the best juicing experience with its strong and energy-efficient motor.

What’s Easiest Way To Clean Juicer?

Juicing out the extracts of fruits and vegetables is a great way to be healthy. This becomes easier with the use of an electric juicer. Many are reluctant in buying it because of the thought that it might be hard to clean. They are wrong, juicers are very easy to clean and in this article, we will discuss the different strategies that are the easiest to clean juicer.

How to clean it?

There are several ways for you to clean a juicer. But before that, as much as possible buy juicers that have removable juice containers or catcher. This will make things easier for you to clean compare to the fixed ones.

Since juicers are electronic appliance it is only fair if we will practice strict caution when cleaning it. If the juice container is not removable there is a chance that the electronic components will get wet.

So the removable juice container will be a blessing. This is because after use you can easily clean it by removing it first. Then afterward do what you have to do in it which is to clean it thoroughly. So the next time you will use it, the juicer will be hygienic.

Cleaning Procedures

To have a cleaner juicer, several steps in cleaning should be followed. And to clean the juicer efficiently you have to follow the following steps:

  • Remove the juice container from its attachment to the appliance
  • Put it below the running water that is coming from the faucet
  • Get a clean sponge then put some dishwashing liquid on it
  • Rub it against the surface of the juicer while ensuring that there is no residue left
  • For the hard to reach areas, it is highly recommended that a toothbrush will be used
  • After you finished scrubbing the interior of the container, also scrub the outer portions of the container
  • When you feel that all the residues are already taken away from the inside, its time to rinse it on running water
  • You can let it dry by itself or wipe it with a clean dry cloth

Hard Residue Removal

There are times that our juicers will acquire hard residue or stains, particularly on the blades. But what are the techniques that we can use to remove them without completely replacing the blades? Since they can get stained at one point in time because we are using it regularly, it is only fair that we see to it that the blades are well-maintained and free from those nasty stains.

No one wants to use juicers with hardly stained blades because it is completely not hygienic. One effective solution to removing stains is with the use of baking soda.

Baking soda does a lot of wonders not only for the human body but to other things as well such as to the tools that we are using. The baking soda can penetrate the surface of the churners making it shiny and clean afterward.

It is also a natural agent that will not impose any significant harm to our health. Although, be sure to rinse the blades thoroughly

Another great raw ingredient for stain removal on the blades is salts. This is because they have natural antibacterial and stain removal properties added to the fact that they have a rough surface which can quicken up the process. The rough surface is known to be abrasive which can remove even the hardened stains. As a result, the churners will surely get back its original shine making it more desirable and hygienic to use.

The Benefits of Having a Clean Juicer

A clean juicer will give you a more profound and satisfying usage of the juicer. It has lots of benefits and we will discuss them as well on bulleted points:

  • It will make your drinking experience more awesome because the container will be hygienic
  • You will minimize the chances of having problems that are related to stomach

So it is really important to have a clean juicer at all times! So never forget to clean them every after use.

Another Option

Let’s say that you have a juicer that does not have a detachable container, don’t worry because there is a solution. You can still clean it using these options that are considered easiest to clean juicer too of any type.

  • Put hot water on the juicer container
  • Soak it for about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Remove the hot water
  • Using a clean and thin brush, try to insert in and use it to clean the remaining residue
  • At this point, those residues must be completely taken away its stickiness on the insides of the container
  • Pour tap water on it then remove it afterward to ensure that all the residues will be flush out
  • Let it dry for a bit


Cleaning an electric juicer can be a little bit tricky but if you know what you are doing, it can be an easy task. So after learning the easiest ways to clean juicers be sure to apply it accordingly. You will surely have a more satisfying usage of your electric usage. Since electric juicers are there to help us create delicious and healthy juices it is only fair if we will create those juices in the cleanest way possible.In this manner, the juices that you will extract from the fruits and vegetables will be healthier than it was before.