What’s Easiest Way To Clean Juicer?

Juicing out the extracts of fruits and vegetables is a great way to be healthy. This becomes easier with the use of an electric juicer. Many are reluctant in buying it because of the thought that it might be hard to clean. They are wrong, juicers are very easy to clean and in this article, we will discuss the different strategies that are the easiest to clean juicer.

How to clean it?

There are several ways for you to clean a juicer. But before that, as much as possible buy juicers that have removable juice containers or catcher. This will make things easier for you to clean compare to the fixed ones.

Since juicers are electronic appliance it is only fair if we will practice strict caution when cleaning it. If the juice container is not removable there is a chance that the electronic components will get wet.

So the removable juice container will be a blessing. This is because after use you can easily clean it by removing it first. Then afterward do what you have to do in it which is to clean it thoroughly. So the next time you will use it, the juicer will be hygienic.

Cleaning Procedures

To have a cleaner juicer, several steps in cleaning should be followed. And to clean the juicer efficiently you have to follow the following steps:

  • Remove the juice container from its attachment to the appliance
  • Put it below the running water that is coming from the faucet
  • Get a clean sponge then put some dishwashing liquid on it
  • Rub it against the surface of the juicer while ensuring that there is no residue left
  • For the hard to reach areas, it is highly recommended that a toothbrush will be used
  • After you finished scrubbing the interior of the container, also scrub the outer portions of the container
  • When you feel that all the residues are already taken away from the inside, its time to rinse it on running water
  • You can let it dry by itself or wipe it with a clean dry cloth

Hard Residue Removal

There are times that our juicers will acquire hard residue or stains, particularly on the blades. But what are the techniques that we can use to remove them without completely replacing the blades? Since they can get stained at one point in time because we are using it regularly, it is only fair that we see to it that the blades are well-maintained and free from those nasty stains.

No one wants to use juicers with hardly stained blades because it is completely not hygienic. One effective solution to removing stains is with the use of baking soda.

Baking soda does a lot of wonders not only for the human body but to other things as well such as to the tools that we are using. The baking soda can penetrate the surface of the churners making it shiny and clean afterward.

It is also a natural agent that will not impose any significant harm to our health. Although, be sure to rinse the blades thoroughly

Another great raw ingredient for stain removal on the blades is salts. This is because they have natural antibacterial and stain removal properties added to the fact that they have a rough surface which can quicken up the process. The rough surface is known to be abrasive which can remove even the hardened stains. As a result, the churners will surely get back its original shine making it more desirable and hygienic to use.

The Benefits of Having a Clean Juicer

A clean juicer will give you a more profound and satisfying usage of the juicer. It has lots of benefits and we will discuss them as well on bulleted points:

  • It will make your drinking experience more awesome because the container will be hygienic
  • You will minimize the chances of having problems that are related to stomach

So it is really important to have a clean juicer at all times! So never forget to clean them every after use.

Another Option

Let’s say that you have a juicer that does not have a detachable container, don’t worry because there is a solution. You can still clean it using these options that are considered easiest to clean juicer too of any type.

  • Put hot water on the juicer container
  • Soak it for about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Remove the hot water
  • Using a clean and thin brush, try to insert in and use it to clean the remaining residue
  • At this point, those residues must be completely taken away its stickiness on the insides of the container
  • Pour tap water on it then remove it afterward to ensure that all the residues will be flush out
  • Let it dry for a bit


Cleaning an electric juicer can be a little bit tricky but if you know what you are doing, it can be an easy task. So after learning the easiest ways to clean juicers be sure to apply it accordingly. You will surely have a more satisfying usage of your electric usage. Since electric juicers are there to help us create delicious and healthy juices it is only fair if we will create those juices in the cleanest way possible.In this manner, the juices that you will extract from the fruits and vegetables will be healthier than it was before.

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