How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

We are aware that fresh juices are natural and more advisable to drink than the processed ones. They are healthier and contain natural sweeteners which will not impose anything bad to our health. But the problem is they do not contain any preservatives. It makes their shelf life super short compared to the processed ones.

But the actual shelf life of fresh juices depends on various factors. They determine how long does fresh juice last and will ensure that they are still fresh when you consume it.

Why it is important to know the shelf life of fresh juices?

It is important in a way that you will prevent problems from arising. This is because juices that are expired can cause serious problems. It can make our stomach ill and will make us feel sick. This is why we must consume our fresh juices within the timeframe wherein they are still considered fresh.

What are the determinants of a fresh juice shelf life?

Well, as we have discussed a while ago there are varying factors that make up the shelf life of fresh juice. We will discuss it more in detail in this part of the article.

  • Kind of juicer. Different juicers inflict varying shelf life on the fruits and vegetables that it is processing. A masticating juicer extracts the juice differently from twin-blade juicers. This can be considered as a small detail but means much when it comes to the juice’s shelf life.
  • Way of storing. The way on how you store fresh juice after making is one of the primary factors on how long they will last. If it is summer then you just leave the juice in the table with no proper cooling then most probably it will not last that long. This is because high temperatures can take away the freshness quickly. Mostly, fresh juices if we will not consume it immediately must be placed in the fridge. This will lengthen the shelf life of the juice from 1 to 2 days.
  • Exposure to external factors. Any exposure to external factors such as saliva can make the freshness of the juice to deteriorate. This is because the acid from the saliva can destroy the original state of the juice.

Why the kind of juicers is a primary factor in the freshness of juices?

Various juicers have their way of extracting juices. This is why the juices vary in shelf life. The others might be completely juiced out while the others might still possess big bits of the raw ingredient.

The following juicers will impose the corresponding shelf life on juices:

  • Centrifugal juicer – if you are using this kind of juicer, usually the juice will have a shelf life of 1 day. Since it uses centrifugal force to extract juices from fruits and vegetables, it makes them super liquefied. As a result, the ability to retain freshness will be reduced significantly.
  • Masticating cold press juicers – they are the more popular juicers nowadays. This is because they just use the right force to juice out fruits and vegetables. As a result, the components of the juices that are responsible for keeping it fresh will remain.
  • Twin gear juicers – this type of juicer has been known to retain the freshness of juicers longer. It uses twin churners to extract juices efficiently. These dual gears will ensure that they will just juice out just the right amount of juice to reach the best moisture. In this way, the juice extracted will last for 4 to 5 days.

Ways to make your juices last longer

It is given that fresh juices tend to deteriorate in a shorter period compared to the ready ones that we are buying from the grocery stores. This is because freshly made juices do not contain preservatives. So we expect that we must consume it immediately.

But if the juice that you have made is more than enough for you then you can do some strategies to lengthen its shelf life. In this part of this article, let us try to discuss more of them below.

  • Seal them in a tight container then put them in a cool place. Extended exposure to heat can break down its freshness quickly. So it is a great idea to put them on a fridge or a freezer while they are stored in a tight container. This will prevent unwanted moisture from coming inside the juice causing it to rot.
  • Use a serving spoon or pitcher when storing the juice. You do not want your saliva to intrude on the inner parts of the container. This is because saliva contains a lot of acids that can take away the freshness of the juices quicker than usual.

So if you know that you will not be able to finish up drinking all the juices in the catch container, always transfer it to a smaller container. In this way, you will only contaminate the once that you will be able to consume and not the whole amount of juices.

  • Freezing and pasteurization. If you are looking to extend the shelf life of those juices significantly then the only way to go is to put it in the freezer or pasteurize it. Since most of us have access to freezers then it is the best way to go. You must put the freshly made juice in a freezer-friendly container then store it there for a maximum of 5 to 6 months. This is because bacteria will never grow in extremely cold places. This is why we must store it in a freezer if we think that we are not able to consume the whole amount. This is perfect if you want to make fresh juices in bulk as you can save a lot of time by just storing it in the freezer rather than making juices frequently.


Now you know how long does fresh juice lasts, you’ll never worry anymore. You can make fresh juices with ease without thinking if it is still worthy of drinking or not. By knowing about them you can drink those juices and experience its benefits more. By getting the full potential of those juices rest assured that you will have optimum health which will give you long-term benefits.

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